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How To Avoid Babysitting Hell

This is not how mom does it...

babysitting course

Heads up tweens and teens and the parents of... Want to earn a few bucks? Of course you do. But if you think that babysitting is an easy gig, think again. This fab PSA courtesy of Laughing Squid may have you laughing at all the things that can go wrong, but the message at the fore is dead serious.

If you want to care for little people, you need to learn a few vital things. And the American Red Cross has just the thing: an online babysitter's course. 

Trust me, as someone who's been there eons ago—chubby toddler leg stuck in child gate, CD jammed in stereo, et al—it's no a laughing matter when these happen in "real life." I wish such a course had existed in my day. Then again, *cue gasp* in my day there was no internet... 

Any babysitting horror stories? Do share. See our tips on choosing a competent babysitter.