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HelloFlo: Catering To Your Time Of The Month Needs

Your Very Own Camp Gyno

HelloFlo: Catering To Your Time Of The Month Needs

Do you remember your first time? Many of us have some bittersweet menstrual nostalgia going on, as this contest will attest. Now a company called HelloFlo wants to pander to your every monthly need, delivering care packages straight to your home so you don't have to think about it. The best part is, they include candy to take your mind of the cramps!

According to an article in Jezebel, HelloFlo founder Naama Bloom took the entrepreneurial leap because she wanted to show her children "that being happy in what you do is worth a little struggle." In her case struggle is equated with selling truckloads of tampons.

After her company's brilliant foray into advertising, though, I suspect that struggle will indeed be "little."

The commercial, centred around the idea of a cheeky control freak camp gyno, is priceless and will have you pining for your young self all over again:

"It's like I'm Joan and their vag is the arc...It's like Santa for your vagina." Watch and love.

Would you consider a mail order service for your period needs?