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Wait, Has Duchess Kate Gone Into Labour?

The Great Kate Wait Drives Britain Batty

Wait, Has Duchess Kate Gone Into Labour?

If you listen closely, you can probably hear the hullabaloo all the way from here. The British royal family is impatiently awaiting a little heir, and The Great Kate Wait as it's been dubbed is driving the country batty. So much so that many were pranked into believing the baby had come into being.

According to an article in the New York Post, a couple posing as Prince William and Kate Middleton turned up at London's St. Mary’s Hospital over the weekend to a veritable media frenzy. 

Major news sources have been camped out at the site for the past nine days, even though insiders claim the Duchess' due date was actually July 19. A feed has been set up allowing monarchists everywhere to stay tuned for some baby action, and already some are doling out unsolicited parenting advice to the Duchess.

The doppelgangers pulled up in a Land Rover, and briefly created chaos, until someone noticed their T-shirts: “The Sun—No. 1 for royal baby news.” 

You've got to hand it to them. As gags go, it was a cracking one. Ironic, though, because you can bet the London newspaper is at the helm of baby mania presently sweeping across the country. 

Despite having lived in England for over a decade—and passing Buckingham Palace on my walk to and from work every day—I confess I'm pretty nonplussed by the monarchy in general.

What about you? Excited for the royal birth, or couldn't care less?