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Mom Persuades Camp To Rethink Its Junky Menu

No more cheese doodles

Mom Persuades Camp To Rethink Its Junky Menu

It's boo to woo-hoo for the mom dismayed by the junk food-laden menu at her daughter's camp. When she expressed a desire for healthy snacks, she was told by camp staff that her daughter's "special diet" required her to eat at the nurse's station away from the other kids.

Fortunately the resulting backlash prompted the camp to rethink its menu. Admittedly, eating processed snacks is cheaper and easier to store than fresh fruit. But Oreos and Cheese Doodles alone don't help nourish an active, growing kid.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, the new and improved menu includes carrot sticks, pretzels, raisins and apple slices.

Kudos to this mom's squeaking wheel for making a difference to all the campers, who will no doubt reap the benefits of more healthful snack foods. 

Just goes to show—even with kosher, nut-free and dairy-free requirements—you can still make healthy eating happen, if you put your mind to it. 

So parents, moral of the story from Caron Gremont, rally other parents and speak up if you want change.