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Poet Speaks Out About Public Breastfeeding Shame

Feel the Embarrassment, and Nurse Anyway

Poet Speaks Out About Public Breastfeeding Shame

Ah, what a funny little world we inhabit. Naked women prancing around in pop videos are perfectly acceptable, yet a flash of nipple used to feed a baby causes furor. Fortunately it's an irony that isn't lost on Hollie McNish. 

In a video called "Embarrassed," the UK poet has spoken out against public breastfeeding shaming. And we love it.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, McNish describes in "edgy, rap-like stanzas" the grim reality of breastfeeding her daughter in toilet cubicles:

"Sipping on milk, nostrils sniffing on piss, Trying not to bang her head on toilet roll dispensers, I wonder if these public loo feeds offend her, 'Cause I'm getting tired of discretion and being polite. My baby's first sips are drown-drenched in shite..."

Predictably, the video is going viral faster than you can say lactate. So share it with your friends. And remember, change starts here, with each mother who feels the 'embarrassment' and breastfeeds anyway.

Can you relate to McNish's sentiment?