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Mom Charged For Impersonating Daughter During Exam

Rocking the Converse and Low-Rise Jeans

A French mother has brought helicoptering to new heights after being caught sitting an exam in her 19-year-old daughter's place. According to an article in the Huffington Post, the 52-year-old woman donned Converse sneakers, low-rise jeans, and heavy makeup in order to sit the baccalaureate exam.

And apparently since people of any age can take the final high school exam known as "le bac," the mom might have got away with impersonating her daughter, if she hadn't been sitting another exam at the same time. 

The supervisor took notice, and police were contacted two hours into the exam, wherein the mother was discretely removed from the test room. 

Although the mom admitted to cheating in order to boost her daughter's results on an English component of the testing, her actions have surely backfired. 

Not only has she been charged with fraud, but her teenage daughter may be banned from sitting "any official exam for up to five years." Ouch.

Should the teen be punished for her mother's drastic actions, or should she simply fly far from the coop and study in another city—or, better yet, another country?

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