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Crankyfest: The Film Festival All About Periods

Do You Remember Your First Time (Of The Month)?

Do you remember your first time? That you got your period, I mean. Well, an aptly named online contest from Crankytown wants to know about your experience in all its tragi-comic glory.

While I can't quite recall the very first time Aunt Rose paid me a visit, I do remember spending what felt like hours locked inside the bathroom, wrestling—unsuccessfully—with a tampon.   

Not long after, at the peak of summer, I was invited over to my (literal) aunt's pool. The water looked so cool and refreshing, and I wanted nothing more than to dive in. My aunt kept hounding me to have a swim, and I kept insisting that I just didn't feel like it. Ah, teenagers! Little did she know what was holding me back... 

Yeah, sometimes having your period SUCKS. But it also has the potential to be uproariously funny, and like it or lump it, that time of the month is what unites us women.  

To give you a flavour of the contest, check out the inaugural winner below. Need more inspiration? Watch Mad Men's Jess Pare dish about her first time on the rag. 

The rules are pretty basic:

  1. Videos can be any genre: musical, narrative, documentary, horror, animation, sci-fi, comedy, experimental… As long as they are about menstruation in some way.
  2. Videos must be no longer than three minutes.

The deadline for Crankyfest is October 15.