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Family Sues Jessica Simpson Over Photo With Their Baby

invasion of privacy and emotional distress?

Sometimes I feel for celebrities. No, seriously. There you are, innocently doing a mall appearance when some idolater plops a baby in your arms, creating a frenzied photo op. Then YOU get sued for the privilege by said idolater. That's what happened to Jessica Simpson in New Orleans.

According to an article in Jezebel, a father and his teenage daughter were in line to meet the star at Metairie's Lakeside Shopping Center when they were urged by fellow fans to let Jessica hold their baby. Out of nowhere pap jumped out of the fake foliage and snapped up pics, which landed in OK! magazine.

Get this: the family has now filed a lawsuit against Jessica Simpson, OK! magazine, and a local photography business. The unsolicited photo of their baby appeared in the April 16, 2012 issue of OK! where it was no doubt seen by a gazillion people.

The parents, Christopher Hurst and Tracy Gregory, are claiming damages around $75,000 for "invasion of privacy and emotional distress." A pittance for Jessica, who famously landed a highly lucrative Weight Watchers contract.

It's not clear whether the baby was passed off as being Jessica's in the photos or whether the pap simply capitalized on a golden photo op. As far as this yummy is concerned, OK! magazine is the sole party responsible here.

Must celebrities refuse to be photographed with fans' babies in the future? The likes of Jessica Simpson are in a losing game. Either face a lawsuit or be pegged a stuck-up bitch. Absurdity.

What's your take on the lawsuit? Does the family deserve compensation?