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Bodychecking Ban for Peewee Hockey

Hockey Moms Rejoice!

Hockey moms of Canada unite and rejoice! It seems bodychecking is now a thing of the past for players in the peewee league. According to an article in the CBC, Hockey Canada's board of directors voted for the ban in this brand of physical contact.

The Canadian Paediatric Society applauded the decision, which affects players who are typically between 11 and 12 years old.

"This evidence-based decision puts brain safety first, and will enhance player development by focusing on fundamental skills, fun and lifetime fitness," said CPS president Dr. Andrew Lynk in a press release.

Indeed, research has found that the risk of injuries increases three-fold for peewee players permitted to check, comparing provinces of Quebec—where the ban has already been in place—with Alberta. 

But of course not everyone celebrated the move; the Saskatchewan Hockey Association dissented, believing that bodychecking is an integral part of the good old hockey game. It went so far as to claim children should be taught how to check from as young as eight and nine.

Cause for celebration or curbing the nature of the game?

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