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Lazy Libido: There's A Pill For That

Who's The Most Monogamous Of All?

So where the war of the sexes is waged, which sex is most concerned with staying monogamous? According to an article in Slate, the answer may surprise you. While the story we're usually sold is that men are the compulsive oat-sowers, while women are all wrapped up in fairy tale notions of one true love and happily ever after. But turns out, we've got it all back to front.

In the New York Times, Daniel Bergner maintained that women are first to "lose interest in sex with their partners." That's not to say infidelity follows, of course, but we are more prone to become sexless or to 'mix it up' through fantasies with partners other than our spouses. (Studies have revealed that strangers play heavily in these lustful moments than friends or familiar figures.)

Bergner references Lybrido, a libido-boosting drug currently under clinical trials, designed to "restore [women's] desire for their husbands." It is being toted as the 'female Viagara'—a mother's little helper for those whose libidos could do with a kick start.

So it seems that monogamy, sexual boredom, and lack of novelty in the bedroom are shared problems—not simply the afflictions of horny husbands.

Is monogamy the "recipe for misery" this writer suggestsWould you take a drug if it promised to spice up your sex live?