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Best Place In The World To Be a Mom

No Place Like Home?

So it's all hail mothers this weekend. But where in the world do mothers get the best treatment? An article in the Huffington Post has the full breakdown of the top 30 countries celebrating motherhood.

Not surprisingly a woman's experience of motherhood (and by extension, her child's quality of life) depends on many variables: from health, children’s well-being, educational status, economic status, and political status.

Where does Canada figure, you might be wondering, in Save the Children's 14th annual Mothers’ Index about the state of motherhood in 176 countries.

Australia and many European countries snagged the top spots to be a mom, while not surprisingy sub-Saharan African countries hit rock bottom. The United States only made it to 30, ranking below Israel, Poland, and Singapore.

Canada, sadly, didn't fare all that much better, coming in at 22. With this disturbing stat: "One in 178 children will die before their 5th birthday."

To see the the full 30, click to view the slideshow.

Could be better? Could be worse?