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Deal Site Makes It Good To Be Greedy

Conscientious Consumerism

Can greed ever be perceived as a good thing? The answer is, strangely, yes, thanks to a clever new deal site. (Think Groupon but for charity.) With all the talk of austerity measures and economic meltdowns, is a panacea. 

According to a press release, the online donation deal site is Canada’s first and only, featuring "a cornucopia of commodities and a stockpile of services at significant discounts." So here's how it works: vendors offer up a bargain and by donating a stipend to a given charity you then score a coupon for your coveted bargain.
Vendors win over new clientele, and that clientele in turn gets philanthropic warm fuzzies that come with giving more than a select number of occasions per year. What's more—charities don't need to outlay precious funding on administration and canvassing.

“We’re essentially rewarding people for their generosity with amazing savings and deals from caring merchants,“ said Sabrina Nicosia, Director of Marketing for “It also encourages them to give more often—not just during the holidays or tax season.”

And why not? If the deal is for something you want to buy anyway, your own consumerism is helping the economy and charities in need of support. It's what Nicosia calls a “win-win-win” situation.

Already is stocked full of "deliciously discounted deals for Toronto and the GTA" and will continue spreading its greedy model across the country.

Feeling greedy? Go give it a try...