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Baby Keepsake: Breast Milk-Filled Jewelry

A Milky Memento

So much for carrying a photo of your baby in your wallet or a first lock of hair. Now you can have a more, shall we say personal, keepsake of your progeny. Breast milk-filled jewelry.

Call it "liquid love," call it a living symbol of your bond, call it whatever. According to an article in Today Moms, breast milk jewelry is the hot new accessory for moms.

Now available on several sites, you can wear a vial of the substance that once nourished your baby in a pendant or bracelet. Heck, you can even have your very own breast milk made into a bar of soap!

“I was intrigued at the idea of preserving breast milk, and loved the privacy of stowing it away in a locket,” mom Brooke Becker told Today Moms. “I experimented with the preservation, and loved the final result.”

Now her products are available on Etsy site, Milk Mom Baby. How Becker and other moms process the milk is top secret, though. However, it's thought that the substance is covered in a glaze or clear resin after being dehydrated or 'plasticized.'

Becker claims the memento has just taken off. We moms must be a sentimental lot. “My customers always comment on how grateful they are to have a keepsake of this time in their lives," she says. "Babies grow so quickly and having something tangible to look back on appeals to people.”

A pendant and chain will run you close to USD$100, or—if you have the stomach for it—a DIY breast milk preservation kit costs upward of USD$25.

Creepy and stomach curdling or a special kind of sweet?