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RECALL: Alysena-21 and Alysena-28 Birth Control

Added Placebo Pills

For those of you on birth control, please note that Health Canada has recalled an additional 11 lots of the Alysena-28 pills manufactured by Apotex Inc after lot LF01899A was found to contain extra placebo pills, thereby increasing the risk of unplanned pregnancy in users.

The affected lots are as follows: 

  • LF01901A
  • LF01980A
  • LF02037A
  • LF01900A
  • LF01982A
  • LF01981A
  • LF02026A
  • LF01898A
  • LF02036A
  • LF01894B
  • LF01979A

According to the Huffington Post article, only one of the four rows of pills should be the white placebos.

Canadians affected by this recall are advised to use another method of contraception. Users should return the pills and contact their health care provider for medical advice.

Please note that Alysena-21, though manufactured at the same facility, is unaffected by the recall, as these packets do not contain a row of placebo pills.

Users are advised to make sure their packs of Alysena-21 contain three rows of active (pink) pills, and to report any problems regarding both Alysena-28 or 21 to Health Canada.