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Ministry of Health Launches Farting Video

I wouldn't call myself a farter...

Fart jokes never get tired. If you're a teenage male, maybe. Or the Ontario Ministry of Health... Its new public awareness campaign compares social smoking to social farting hoping to get through to young adults in denial about their smoking habits.

“It’s true that I fart but I wouldn’t call myself a farter,” says a young woman in the clip. “I’m a ‘social farter,’ I really only do it when I’m out with my friends who fart."

Aimed at 18- to 29-year-olds, Quit the Denial parodies the phenomenon of social smoking which it likens to other disgusting habits like ear wax picking and farting. 

According to an article in the Vancouver Sun, the campaign is certainly not lacking in page views—with over 360,000 YouTube in just a week. 

It seems beyond ridiculous to me, but then again I'm not a young male. Maybe I'm just not destined to find farting jokes funny. Ever.  

Effective or just a bunch of hot (smelly) air?