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Was Figure Skater Photo in Poor Taste?

Skirts Will Fly

Even though an image of 17-year-old Canadian figure skater Kaetlyn Osmond didn't bother her, a whole lot of others found the close-up shot of her performing a high kick in poor taste. 

The Globe and Mail's Public Editor Sylvia Stead claimed the image was “not acceptable,” while the Globe's Managing Editor Elena Cherney felt the shot "was an unfortunate choice, and the goal of highlighting Kaetlyn’s performance could have been achieved with a different picture. This will be part of an ongoing conversation in the newsroom around picture and image selection.” 

Photograph notwithstanding, Osmond's first world championships were a raging success. She ranked eighth, and secured two places for Canada at the Sochi, Russia Winter Olympics and at Skate Canada.

If Osmond herself wasn't offended or embarrassed by what reporters have dubbed the 'crotch shot,' should the rest of us be? After all, the shot shows off her athletic prowess. (Hey, I can't get my leg up that high on dry land, let alone on ice skates.) 

“I don’t feel it’s a very tasteful photo," 2002 Canadian junior champion Lauren Wilson said in an article in the Star. "They could have picked another fun photo that protects her youth. She’s 17 years old. I’m sure it’s an innocent mistake but I don’t think they need to objectify her.” 

With reels of images taken, why this one? And as many have said, the same picture could easily have been cropped. 

What's your take on this image: tasteless or terrific?