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Why We Need These Revolutionary Swedish Mannequins Now

One Small Step for Retailers, A Giant Leap for Womankind

If you are on the Facebook trail, you may have noticed a gone-viral pic featuring a pair of “plus-sized” mannequins originating from a store in Sweden. The photo, posted on a Women’s Right’s News page, garnered some 20K shares at the time of writing, proving that it's high time such mannequins enter our stores here in North America.

While they look more realistic than the emaciated figures we still must face, don't get too excited. The mannequins are still dubbed 'plus-sized' if you can believe that. (If that's what plus-size looks like, then I'll eat my kneecap!)

Nonetheless, the point is abundantly clear. Women are ready for more realistic models yesterday, and whoever listens and reflects the reality will surely reap the retailing perks, i.e. profits. 

In an article in the Washington Times, writer Delia Lloyd cites a scary study claiming that 46 percent of girls who smoke regularly do so "in part to control their weight." 

Not that these mannequins are in themselves revolutionary, but even revolutions begin with small first steps, right? 

Would you prefer seeing 'plus-size' mannequins in high street stores? Or do you still aspire to the size zero depicted on catwalks and mannequins?