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Dad's Touching Note Preempts Son's Coming Out

Pass the tissue

Being gay isn't exactly a big deal these days—unless of course you're gay and your parents are still none the wiser. Kudos, then, to this dad for beating his teenage son to the punch, so to speak. According to an article in Huffington Post, the cool dad overheard his son on the phone. Rather than wait for the jumping-out-of-the-closet moment, he left his son a note, reassuring him that there was no need for a grand declaration and nothing to fear.

"I've known you were gay since you were six," the father wrote. "I've loved you since you were born." And as a (perhaps cringeworthy P.S.) "Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple."

If only more parents would do this. Gay or straight, our kids need to know that they are loved unconditionally. Trusting that love is implicitly understood doesn't cut it.

This story is a nice reversal from kids having to take the leap of faith, hoping their parents will accept their sexuality. It worked wonders for this teen, who gave her parents a pun-tastic letter and sweetener. 

LGBT rights have come a long way. Here in Canada same-sex partners can marry and have children. Just as they can divorce and face custody battles!

Still, we all have ideals of what our children will grow up to be. Fess up: would you be disheartened if your child came out as homosexual?