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Teacher Lets Kids Sample Her Blood

Show and Overshare

Vampire fandom is one thing. But a teacher in Norway took 'show and share' a little far after she brought in a vial of her blood into the kindergarten classroom where she teaches. Eek!

The unidentified teacher then poured the blood on a plate, which was passed around the classroom. According to an article in the Daily Mail, the creepiness didn't end there. The kids then touched it (yay, finger paint!) and when they naturally asked how to remove it from their tiny digits, the teach helpfully demonstrated by inserting her finger into her mouth. Voila! 

They of course followed suit. 

'The parents are mortified, shaken and shocked,' said Inger Lise Andersen, director of the Dravhaug kindergarten. 

The teacher has since been tested for AIDS and Hepatitis B, though authorities claim the risk of infection is low.

The teacher, who was a temporary employee, was fired.

Yum, teacher blood. No biggie or big ick factor?