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Anne Hathaway Haters Of The World Unite

What Did Fantine Do to Deserve the Wrath?

Hell hath no fury quite like it does for Anne Hathaway. Long before she nabbed an a golden boy for her Best Supporting Actress in Les Mis, audiences were less than enamoured by the 30-year-old newlywed.

Funny, I overheard some moms discussing this very topic the morning after the Academy Awards. And yes, people actually claimed to 'hate' the Oscar winner. (Personally, I try to reserve the H-word for truly exceptional cases). And then the Huffington Post went and posed the million-dollar question: just why is Anne Hathaway so utterly despised? 

Not being a lover of musicals (or French historical novels, for that matter), I am not really one to comment on the young actor's abilities. But from what I understand, most of the ire stems from Hathaway's off-stage persona rather than her on-screen performances. HuffPost describes her "excited, exuberant, peppy." To my mind, she comes across as very girly, melodramatic, and... well, young for her age. Then again, so is Silver Lining's Jennifer Lawrence, yet Hollywood doesn't hold that against her because she's kind of cheeky and funny.

But really, personality aside, does anyone deserve to be the butt of some much bitchiness? Her nipples shone through her otherwise demure Prada dress, and she once flashed some coochie-coo while stepping out of a car. Big deal. Doesn't really set her apart from many of her fellow starlets as far as I can see. 

But Tweeps took like moths to a flame, with @HathawayNipples quickly garnering its own handle, and, predictably, much ado about nothing much ensued. Sure, Anne with the pixie cut might be annoying. But since when is annoying deserving of such animosity? 

Are you a Hathaway hater or sympathizer? Care to share your reasons...