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Teachers' Elaborate Prank on Kids Wasn't At All Funny

Crushing Disney Dreams

While I consider myself gifted with a decent sense of humour, I fail to see the funny side of many pranks. Take the elaborate ruse of a bunch of teachers in Windsor, who set up their eighth grade students, only to let them down hard. 

Teachers at Roseland Public School promised their pupils an end-of-year trip to Disney World in Florida, according to an article in the Huffington Post. But it wasn't just lip service. The faculty involved compiled "fake field trip permission forms and Disney World pamphlets" as well as a "multimedia presentation of the Disney World resort." 

They pulled the proverbial wool over, then they pulled it off again. Guess what, kids? There never was going to be a Disney World. But you can go to a bowling alley. In Windsor. Hysterical?

Well, apparently the kids' stunned and heartbroken reaction was so hilarious, the teachers had to capture it on an iPad.

Two of the eighth graders were so upset, their mother Bonnie Stewart came home to find them already sulking in bed.

"We were all angry,” said one of the pupils, Mona Makai, who claims the kids in her class felt "foolish to the rest of the school."

While Roseland spokesperson admitted "some extremely poor judgment was used," the teachers involved have not yet been reprimanded for their actions.

I truly fail to see the funny in this prank, so enlighten me if you can. As the article points out, the timing was especially cruel in its irony, with the extra-curricular activities currently cut due to the ongoing feud between teachers and the Ontario government over Bill 115.