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Trend Alert: Glamming Up for Child Birth

Blinging it Up for Baby

I don't know about you, but the state of my toenails were the furthest thing from my mind when the contractions started. But for many moms-to-be, the new priority is looking like you just stepped out of a salon in those all important first photos with your baby. 

Glamming up for the delivery room is something of a trend, and not just for celebrities, either.

“I went for a blow-dry before I went into hospital," said model Imogen Thomas in an article in the UK Sun. "I’ve seen some awful photos of women who have just given birth. They look really sweaty and have no bra on.”

The range of treatments pregnant women opt for pre-delivery is extensive: from spray-tans, eyelash and hair extensions, acrylic nails, manis, pedis, bikini and leg waxing, to cut, colour and blow-dry.

"When I go on a night out or to any big events, I always make an effort with my appearance," said a single mother known only as Jenny. "To me, having a baby is the biggest event in my life—so why wouldn’t I make an extra effort to look good?"

Others rush to apply a full face of makeup at the first signs of genuine labour. One woman went through her entire beauty regime at 4am, minutes after giving birth. Another donned her favourite jewelry for the camera. 

Some women claim that looking good helps them feel more confident and in control about the birth. The process also ensures that all those proud photos on display (especially since the dawn of Facebook) aren't cringe worthy for mom. 

Are these women just being vain, wanting to cover up the sweat-soaked natural glow of childbirth? Did you indulge in any beauty regime prior to, or immediately following, labour?