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Restaurant Gives "Well-Behaved Children" Discount

When in doubt, take out

Back in the world of food bills gone viral comes a compliment for once, instead of creative excuses for stinginess. Along with a tally of  kid meals, mom Laura King was pleasantly surprised to find a few bucks shaved off the bill for "well-behaved" children. 

The Italian restaurant bestowed the compliment on the well mannered King family, which includes three children under the age of eight.

Wondering just what this mom's secret is for keeping her kids civilized in public? Afraid there isn't really one. 

“They were just being their normal selves,” she said in an article on Today Moms. “Our server came to our table and just really thanked us for having exceptionally behaved children.”

The server threw in a free bowl of ice cream for the kids to share, with the treat listed as the “well-behaved kids” discount. It's not the first time Sogno di Vino doles out a complimentary dessert, said owner Rob Scott, but it's the first time the discount was actually printed on the bill.

A proud parent moment, for sure. But what actually constitutes good behaviour? Well, staying seated for one, and not forgetting your "please" and "thank you." Sounds easy enough, so are the Kings really the exception to the rule?

Apparently so. Scott says kids in his eatery are often left to freely run and shout without regard to other patrons.

If staff heave an audible sigh of relief when you stand to leave, King has some pointers:

  • don't take out young kids who haven't napped that day.
  • make sure kids have a snack beforehand so they won't be too hungry while they wait.
  • engage the kids, talking about "the people around them, the art that’s on the wall and the music that’s playing."

My son has been both an angel and a demon at restaurants. It's not always obvious which way it's going to go, or at least it wasn't when he was younger. Our motto: when in doubt, take out.

Is it realistic to expect kids to sit and quietly eat at a restaurant and not disturb other diners? Would your little cherubs warrant such a discount?