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The Dirty Truth About Nasal Aspirators

You might never use a nasal aspirator again

'Flu season is scary enough. When a baby is sick, as a parent you feel sick with worry. One mom had a gross revelation when she cracked open her infant's nasal bulb syringe:

According to this article in Huffington Post, the little device used to unblock your baby's congested nose was teeming with mold. Instead of helping the babe recover, the bulb might have been contributing to respiratory problems. 

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The photo went viral on Facebook after the Kentucky mom shared with the online community. Mitzi Johnson claims she was scrupulous about cleaning the bulb with "hot soapy water after each use." But the photos don't lie. 

Consider this post and the health dangers of mold for young children. 

Fans of the so-called nasal bulb: will you change your mind after seeing this mom's photos?