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Introducing Green Ninja...

The Climate Change Superhero

There's a new superhero in town. His name isn't President Obama, but they do have a few things in common. Both Obama and Green Ninja are working to reverse the now indisputable effects of climate change. Enter Dr Eugene Cordero, a climate scientist at San Jose State University, who thought it was high time eco-warriors had a superhero to call their own. 

According to an article in the Guardian, the Green Ninja is a "not-very-talkative martial arts master who whips up all sorts mayhem to teach young minds about carbon footprints, energy-saving strategies and gas guzzling leaf blowers, a kind of climate-bent Captain Planet, for a younger generation."

Clearly Cordero is hoping to capture the hearts and minds of youth in a way that Al Gore and Barrack Obama have so far failed to. And what better way than turning the issue of climate  change into a comic strip... 

The Green Ninja already has a series of videos and lesson plans for teachers under his belt. But the the masked Green hero needs more, uh, green bills. An appeal for funds has been made on Kickstarter, with $10,000 still needed to give the Ninja the green light for a 16-episode YouTube series. Get a sneak peak below...

I personally think it will take more than a superhero to help fight climate change. But it's a step in the right direction.

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