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Putting an End to Casual Homophobia

A Homophobe And You Don't Know It

"That is SO gay!" Ever slipped such a phrase unthinkingly? A site called is campaigning to end what it dubs the "prevalence of casual homophobia in our society." Words stick, and you'd be surprised at just how often we use terms like “faggot,” “dyke,” “homo,” and “so gay” in throwaway speech. 

Don't believe me? Just check out NoHomophobes to see how prolific and thoughtlessly these terms are thrown around on social media sites every single day. 

There are certain words that horrify us, words that most of us recognize are inherently bigoted. (I can think of one beginning with an 'n' and another beginning with an 'r'...) But homophobic and transphobic language is rampant, and we need to put an end to it if we are to stop needless bullying and suicides within the LGBTQ community.

Call people out when you hear homophobic or transphobic language anywhere in your community—be in online or in person. By all means, check out the site for ways to get involved and tweet out the #NoHomophobes tag to show that words matter and names truly do hurt.