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Baby's Most Amazing First Photo

Hiya, World!

That first photo of a newborn entering the world is precious and unrivalled. You never get another crack at it. According to an article in Babble, an Arizona couple's shot of their little girl emerging is priceless. While giving birth by C-section, photographer Alicia Atkins' husband captured the most exquisite moment: baby Neveah reaching out and gripping the finger of the doctor delivering her.

"I can FINALLY share this!!!!" wrote Alicia on her Facebook page, 10 weeks after delivering her daughter. "I am in awe of this photo. Something to remember forever." Her husband obviously learned a thing or two from his wife about how to take a great photo.

She also printed the photo on a canvas and presented the gift to her OBGYN, Dr Sawyer, which we can only assume hangs proudly in the medical office. 

This shot is all kinds of miraculous. Take a moment to just look upon it and feel awe...


image: A Classic Pin-Up Photography