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Americans: Keep Your Kid Safe With Body Armour Backpack

Be Prepared for The Next Sandy Hook!

Worried about a Sandy Hook reprise? Fear not, all you have to do is arm your kiddo with some armour... We're talking bulletproof Avenger and Disney Princess backpacks (never fear, style is never compromised!)

Derek Williams, president of Amendment II that manufactures the lightweight body armour, is now marketing his products at elementary school kids. How perfect! 

Americans get to keep their stash of arsenal, while the Salt Lake City-based turns a profit. The new line of backpacks are built with Amendment's "signature carbon nanotube armor, designed to keep kids safe in the event of school shootings." 

Not surprisingly, since the Newtown, Conn. massacre, according to an article in Mother Jones, sales have gone through the roof. 

"I can't go into exact sales numbers, but basically we tripled our sales volume of backpacks that we typically do in a month—in one week," Williams says. "We want to be sensitive [to the crisis], but we are gonna try to get the word out that this product does exist that there are ways to at least provide our children with some protection."

Amendment isn't the only company using tragedy and the fear and vulnerability of parents to rake in the dough. A backpack by Massachusetts company Bullet Blocker Backbacks cost upwards of $200 USD.

Helpfully, Bullet Blocker explains: "While you can not control when gun-related violence happens, you can choose to do something to improve your odds of survival."

This sickens me on so many levels. It's absurd and awful and so beyond the point. While I sit here and seethe, please go on and read this. I wish Mr Bullet Blocker and Mr Amendment II would read it, too...