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(Rhesus) Monkey Business at IKEA

One Smart Monkey

Shoppers at an IKEA in North Toronto did a double take this past weekend when a rhesus macaque monkey was spotted in the parking lot, fashionably dressed in a miniature shearling coat and diaper.

The owners, who have since come forward, had apparently left the 'pet' in their car while they did a spot of shopping. 

An article in the CBC claims the monkey somehow freed itself of the vehicle and was spied in the furniture warehouse's parking lot.

"It's a smart monkey," said Toronto Police Sgt. Ed Dzingala. “It was pretty scared. It was a tame monkey. Nobody got hurt. The monkey was a little scared, that’s all.”

The images of the stylin' monkey have already gone viral, and proved itself a meme-worthy subject (including the one below, from Reddit). 'Carl' already has two Twitter accounts set up in his honour.

Staff kept the monkey entertained until Animals Protection Services arrived. According to an article in the Globe & Mail, the owners were charged and face a fine $240 for having a prohibited animal in the city.