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Santa Gets the Sack

More Naughty Than Nice

Santa has grumpy days just like the rest of us. But one Toronto Santa’s sense of humour failure cost him his job.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, it all started when the Santa at Lowe’s Christmas Market insulted a three-year-old boy’s plaid coat. He then took aim at the boy’s Toronto Maple Leafs hat. The boy’s mother, Mary Trent, was aghast.

Later, Trent complained on her Facebook page, “SANTA WAS A JERK! My son waited in line during a cold and snowy afternoon and the first thing Santa told him was that his thick GAP black and red jacket made him look like Paul Bunyan. Then he also pointed out my son's Toronto Maple leafs winter toque and said he shouldn’t be wearing that and that the Maple leafs suck!"

So much for jolly. Sounds like Santa is more than a little bitter that there’s no hockey this season. Still, no need to take it out on the kid.

Organizers at Lowe’s apologized, then proceeded to give the surly St. Nick the boot for failing to live up to his job description.

Seems he isn’t the only Grinch around. At the Kingston Santa Claus Parade last month a drunken man was arrested for declaring to kids that Santa isn’t real

And in the States a mall Santa was fired for refusing to let a girl sit on his lap because her parents hadn’t purchased a $20 photo package.

Time to shape up, Santas, and practice what you preach or there’ll be no cookies for you!

Ever encounter a more-naughty-than-nice Santa? Spill, please.