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Decembeaver: Would You?

Come on, Ladies, Do Your Part

It might have been just about forgivable on Tom Selleck, but if you are one of the many women who had to put a brave face on while her man sported a moustache for the entire month of November, you can finally get your own back. Now you too can do your part for cancer by boycotting use of a razor—down there—for the month of December.

And why not? Equal rights and what-have-you... Women are marginalized and objectified enough without having to groom ourselves, suffering in silence from a multitude of nicks and scrapes and rashes and burns

This Slate writer seems dubious that 'Decembeaver' will really take off (no pun), because while "mustaches [sic] are quirky and fun—women’s pubic hair is just gross." Hm...

Consider the video below by Laughing Squid. Would you go on a grooming strike for the month?