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It's Official: Duchess Kate Middleton Pregnant

Bring on the Royal Infant

After months of fruitless speculation, the news is official: the much-loved Prince William and Duchess Catherine Middleton are expecting a mini Royal of their own in 2013. Yes, folks, Kate is with child.

According to an article in the Digital Journal, it hasn't been an easy few weeks for poor Kate, who has been admitted to Central London's King Edward VII Hospital with Hyperemesis Gravidarum—otherwise known as 'acute morning sickness.' 

Though morning sickness is common during the first trimester, the Princess is less than 12 weeks pregnant and will therefore remain in hospital for a few days to rest.

The happy news is barely out of the bag, and already there is much speculation over what the 'royal infant' will be called. Directly in line after Prince William, either girl or boy can now succeed the throne, following a change that took place in 2011. 

Already the unsolicited advice is coming thick and fast. Amol Rajan from the UK Independent had the following kernels of wisdom for Kate:

  • lose the titles. Neither of you have a special claim on the glorious city of Cambridge, so quit pretending that you do.
  • give the gorgeous little issue of your love a plainly English name. Larry, for instance, or Louise; not Marmaduke or Petronella.
  • send the little prince or princess to a normal school. Not necessarily a bog standard comprehensive; grammar school would be fine, but better still would be any old city academy.
  • get a decent suburban townhouse to raise your family in, rather than a vast palace which will merely articulate his or her distance from the people he or she will serve.
  • and finally, at all costs don’t let Uncle Harry buy your kid a ticket to LA.

Here's wishing Kate a healthy and uneventful pregnancy going forward!