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New Mum Announces Baby Hashtag on Facebook—Of Course

A Hashtag is Born

You would hope it's a joke or some desperate means to go viral for a day, but apparently a new baby girl in the UK has been named Hashtag—after "the ubiquitous # symbol in social media."

According to an article in the Guardian, the new mum announced her baby name choice on Facebook, so it must be so. 
In an age where the names just keep getting weirder in an ever-elusive quest for originality. new parents seem not to care that their decision now will lead to many a black eye and bloody nose in the playground later. 
Seems this mother wasn't the first to derive inspiration from the lexicon of social media; Israeli parents Lior and Vardit Adler reportedly named their daughter "Like" after the Facebook button. 
Aside from the plain silly, other names are just offensive. The Guardian points to a renaming ceremony that took place in India, where parents hoping for sons named their girls—all 285 of them—"Nakusa" or "Nakushi," which translates as "unwanted."
Baby names often capture certain trends and are rooted to a particular era. At least it will be easy to guess baby Hashtag's age as she grows old. Ditto for little Kindle and little Gangnam. And in case you're wondering, Facebook has already been taken.
Oh well, it beats this year's top names, according to BabyCentre: Sophia and Aiden. So much for originality. But before you go all wacky, consider the effects an ill-advised name can have on your child...
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