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5-Year-Olds in Bikinis at Car Show

It's Natural for Kids to Wear Bikinis

Cars and chicks in bikinis go together like PB and J. It may not be a pairing we agree with, but it's generally one that fails to raise an eyebrow—except, maybe, when the 'chicks' in question are 5-year-old girls. 

According to an article in the Huffington Post, pictures of bikini-clad girls posing "next to shiny, new cars" were leaked from the recent Chinese Chutian Auto Culture Festival.

Not surprisingly, child welfare experts were up in arms, but instead of showing remorse or feigning ignorance, the event's GM defended its position:

"If you type the key words 'children' and 'bikini' into an Internet search engine, you'll find tens of thousands of results for child bikini contests," said event organizer, Zhang Ping, in China Daily. "It's natural for kids to wear bikinis and other things they like."

He stressed that only a couple of children posed in bikinis and did so with their parents' blessing as a means to boost their confidence. 

I don't even know where to begin. This strikes me as so wrong on oh-so-many levels. There is a plethora of means to boost a child's confidence that don't involve them taking off their clothes. 

To my mind, bikinis belong on beaches, on school tips to the local swimming pool. That's about it. 

Females belong at roadshows only insofar as they are researching/admiring/test driving the latest models—automotive models, that is. 

No wonder many girls start regarding themselves as sex objects by age six. They've been primed to. By us.