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Pain-Free Childbirth for Chinese Women

A Dream Coming True

A pain-free labour? Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, it China it may soon be a reality. 

According to an article in Science Daily, the decade-long initiative known as the "No Pain Labor N' Delivery China Mission," is showing promise, with increased rates of epidurals and decreased rates of episiotomy and Cesarean delivery. Further, newborns are exhibiting decreased stress levels.

Ling Qun Hu, M.D., a Chinese-Canadian anesthesiologist from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, founded the mission to teach "safe and effective labour analgesia practices, particularly epidural analgesia, over a 10-year period" in a country where pain relief during labour is rarely an option.

Despite the risks associated with Cesarean delivery, Chinese women have the highest rates in the world of optional (non-medical) C-sections. 

"It has been a dream for Chinese women to give birth without pain and without compromising safety," said Dr. Hu. "Common questions on Chinese childbirth websites include Where can I get labour pain relief? Which pain relief method is the best? and Is pain relief medication safe for my baby?"

Is childbirth without pain a realistic dream? Do you think offering an epidural is a vital service to Chinese women if it means lowering the rate of Cesareans?