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Man Points Gun at Smoking Pregnant Woman

What Would You do?

We've all been there. You see a heavily pregnant woman drinking or smoking. Inwardly, you seethe. Do you confront her? Do you mind your business?

It's a hard line to tow, but one man didn't hesitate. According to an article in Mommyish, after driving past an eight-month-pregnant woman in Bellingham, Washington, the 24-year-old man reacted. 

“Who the heck smokes when they’re pregnant?” asked Justin Palmer, to which the 28-year-old woman allegedly and cheekily responded, “I do.” 

At which point the man, incensed as he was, should have walked away. But no. Instead of driving off, Palmer apparently aimed a gun at the woman then sped off. A knee-jerk reaction when you happen to have two handguns in your trunk. 

Whether he wanted to the threaten or scare the woman witless, his plan backfired. The woman called 911, and Justin Palmer was promptly arrested. 

It was nutty behaviour, but you can see how her response would have enraged him. I was equally blinded with fury not long ago when I saw a heavily pregnant woman smoking. The difference: I didn't have the guts to lay into her for her actions. I figured she must be aware of the risks.

Is it anyone's business what women do with their bodies when pregnant? Do we have a duty to call them on it, or should we mind our Ps and Qs?

Have you ever confronted a pregnant woman who was smoking or drinking? Spill it.