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Zero Grade Teacher Fired

Hoped it Wouldn't Come to This

Remember the Edmonton teacher who caused a stir by assigning zeros to student who didn't complete work? Well, according to an article in the Huffington Post, the suspended teacher, Lynden Dorval, has now been fired.

A teacher at Ross Sheppard High School, Dorval had insisted on handing out zeros instead of marking assignments as incomplete when no work was done.

"I'm not bitter, a little bit angry," Dorval apparently told CBC Edmonton. "I was particularly upset with the language in the termination letter."

The Edmonton School Board Superintendent, Edgar Schmidt, officially terminated the teacher on grounds of insubordination, unprofessional conduct and refusing to obey orders.

The Huffington Post article states that Dorval's teacher contract ends on October 15. 

The Board's decision has sparked public outrage in the form of a Twitter hashtag #Dorval. 

"Lynden #Dorval is a hero - standing up for informed principles in the face of personal sacrifice," tweeted Brad King (@bdking12)

The fact remains, he disobeyed the principal and went against school policy. 

“I was still hopeful that this wouldn’t occur, but I believe the superintendent had made it clear his mind was made up,” said Dorval in the Edmonton Journal. “I tried to steel myself for this outcome but I had some hope it wouldn’t come to this.” The teacher plans to appeal the decision to the Education Minister.

Do you agree with Dorval's stance?