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The Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers Commercial

I'm Just Jessica...

It's finally here, the Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers (WW) commercial that prompted the whopping three- to four-million dollar contract we've heard so much about throughout her pregnancy. 

The 31-year-old singer and first-time mom to baby girl Maxwell Drew goes for the 'I'm just like you' tact to promote the weight loss goliath. But ironically the glossy ad, posted on the Huffington Post, fails to deliver the goods: Simps talks directly to you the viewer, with the camera never daring to pan below her neck to get a shot at the body behind the contract.

"I'm Jessica Simpson and yes, I'm doing Weight Watchers," she says in the commercial. "There is a lot of pressure to lose weight but I'm not a supermodel. I'm just Jessica trying to eat real food in the real world and I really just wanna be healthy for my daughter. So I knew Weight Watchers was the only way to go. It's working. I'm on my way and it feels amazing. Really I just wanna be a better version of myself."

Just Jessica... who just so happens to have a better incentive to shuck the post-baby pounds than the rest of us. Apparently Jessica Simps—who reportedly packed on 50-60 lbs during her pregnancy—has lost 40 lbs so far, not that you'll know that by the WW commercial. To get a clear picture of the effect a multi-million-dollar weight-loss deal has on mamavation, you would have needed to tune in to Katie Couric's new talk show "Katie" earlier this week.

Does the everyday woman schtick wash with you? Do you feel it's disingenuous or inspiring to have Simps as the face of the WW campaign instead of say, a 'real' woman?