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RECALL: "Alterego" Leopard & "Feather Witch" Costumes

Flammable Textile

Health Canada has recalled the "Alterego" girls' and women's-sized Leopard costumes with the following UPC:

  • Girl's Size 4-6 UPC: 4897021634118
  • Girl's Size 8-10 UPC: 4897021634095
  • Girl's Size 12-14 UPC: 4897021634101
  • Women's Size Small UPC: 4897021637508
  • Women's Size Medium UPC: 4897021633678
  • Women's Size Large UPC: 4897021637515

and the "Feather Witch" Halloween Costume with the following UPC codes:

  • Small UPC: 023168087607
  • Medium UPC: 02368187604
  • Large UPC: 023168287601

The fabric of the costumes do not meet the requirements for textile flammability under Canadian law, and could easily catch on fire, causing serious burns to customers if exposed to a heat source.

Although Health Canada has not received any reports of incidents, customers are advised to dispose of the Leopard costumes and contact Value Village via the company's website. Customers may contact Fun World directly at 1-800-247-5314 regarding the Feather Witch costumes.

From August 29 to November 5 2011, approximately 1,955 of "Alterego Leopard" costumes were sold at Value Village stores across Canada.

From January 2007 to September 2011, approximately 415 "Feather Witch" Halloween Costumes were sold at various retail and novelty stores in Ontario and Quebec.