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Bend for Breast Cancer

The Pink Ribbon Yoga Mat

Whether you're a seasoned yoga bunny or a newbie hoping to glean the myriad health benefits of the downward dog, there's a new mat on the market that will appeal to your heart, too.

A company called Gaiam has launched the Pink Ribbon Yoga Mat, specially designed by Colleen Saidman, wife of yoga guru Rodney Yee. 

While you won't find Mummy Buzz reviewing or endorsing products, I do make the odd exception for those that are charitable or philanthropic.

So not only is the 3mm mat cute, lightweight and durable, a dollar from every mat sold will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

So yogis, get yourself a good guru and get clicking. The mat, which retail at $21.98, will be available from September at