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Why Wine is Good for Your Bones

We'll Drink to That

Like you needed an excuse. But now you have one. Seems that glass or two of pinot makes your bones stronger, and wards off the risk of osteoporosis in aging women.

So say the good people at the International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research who analysed a University of Oregon study. In fact, Health Care Today reported that a couple glasses of wine were found to be just “as helpful as drugs” in preventing thinning bones in healthy, postmenopausal women aged around 56.

Interestingly, two small glasses of wine a day boosted bone density, but bone loss in subsequently increased when the same women abstained.

“Moderate amounts of alcohol might be beneficial for bones,” said Sarah Leyland from the National Osteoporosis Society, “but excessive alcohol increases the risk of fractures, as well as increasing the risk of falls." Ah, there’s always one killjoy.

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