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Weight-Loss Perfume

Gullibility in a Bottle?

If only the secret to weight loss came in a bottle. Wait, a French natural beauty brand has come up with an elixir that claims to do just that. 

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, Prends-Moi is the "world’s first weight-loss fragrance.” Believe it or not, thousands of eager (read: naive) customers are on a wait list to try out the scent which claims to help wearers shed pounds. 

Weight loss is big business, always has been. But can a perfume actually help you slim down? Apparently so, if you spritz on the scent with notes of bergamot, grapefruit and jasmine whenever you start to feel peckish.

Prends-Moi (literally translated as “Take me”) may sound more like the latest Britney Spears scent, yet it claims to act as an appetite suppressant since it contains betaphroline, an ingredient that releases endorphins, otherwise known as the happy chemical. The idea being that if women feel good, they won't reach for that bar of Green & Blacks chocolate. 

At $47 for 100 ml, Prends-Moi's creator, perfumerie Robertet will likely be smiling all the way to the bank. I'm actually surprised no one has come up with this idea before, in the days when all things aromatherapy took off.

Still, it's a far cry better than Vulva, the German fragrance that claims to, uh, "replicate the most intimate scent of a woman."

More over J-Lo. I'm thinking of getting in the lab and mixing up my own scent, Gullible. If that sells well, I'll follow it up with Gimmick.