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iStick: Transfer Your Photos From iPhone To New USB Device

Kickstarter Campaign for iStick to Make Photo Management Easier


You have all of these photos on your iPhone. You know you do. Let's say you just want to transfer them to your computer, but you don't want to lug your computer and a cable around. You need to get them off of your phone quickly to free up some space on the go, and you don't want to pay for more iCloud storage. You just want to be able to transfer one image to a computer (or hand it to a friend) without backing it up to the cloud or emailing it first. Maybe your device doesn't have enough storage space to add more movies for that long plane ride. What do you do?

The folks at Hyper have started a new Kickstarter campaign for their new device, the iStick. It's a USB drive that uses Apple's lightning connector (so it's for newer iPhone and iPad models only). You can back up your photos to the drive, you can stream media from it, you can store documents on it. It works (on the USB end) with a Mac or PC. 

This looks like a great idea, since so many of us are using our iPhones and iPads for photos and business. They've hit 800% of their original goal on Kickstarter, so I think it's safe to say this is a product that is coming very soon.

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