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What Does A Photographer Pack For The Olympics?

Take a look at Jeff Cable's gear bag and follow his Olympic experience

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are about to begin, and everyone will be following their favourite athletes, whether they be the medal favourites or the underdogs. If you're interested in checking out a different perspective on the games, Jeff Cable (an American photographer who is covering the Olympics) is blogging about his experience.

First up was a post on what he packed, including these two gear bags:

Sigh . . . multiple Canon 1DX bodies AND a Canon 5D Mark III. SorryI'll stop drooling now.

I loved that Jeff shared the details on which lenses he was planning to use to photograph different sportssuch as the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 for figure skating and speed skating, and the Canon 200-400mm for ski jumping and half-pipe. If you are wondering why there aren't any long lenses in the bag, Canon (apparently) brings lenses to the Olympics for photographers to use while they are there. (For those of you who aren't Canon gear heads, the Canon 200-400mm lens travels in its own suitcase and costs over $11,000!)

He estimates that he will be taking more than 100,000 photos along the way, and is bringing enough memory cards and backup drives to keep him going for the duration. I'm nervous for him just thinking about the potential for lost photographs!

Another interesting tidbit that Jeff sharedhe is hoping to rig a second camera above the goalie net during the hockey games that he can fire remotely. Jeff, it's so nice of you to want to capture Canada's golden goals! 

I'm looking forward to seeing the Olympics from a photographer's point of view. If you want to follow along with Jeff's journey, click here for his Olympic blog posts.

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All photos by Jeff Cable Photography.