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Custom Valentines for Kids: An Easy Photoshop Tutorial

Make personalized Valentines this year!

My children are small enough for them to love seeing their photograph on, well, anything. Last year, I decided to make custom Valentine's Day cards to send to school, and they were a hit.

If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (preferably recent versions), you can make a card like this (except, obviously, with a picture of your child inside):

Don't have Photoshop or Elements? Fear not! I've created a printable that you can use at the bottom. 

Before you watch the video tutorial below, click here to download the file you'll need.  

(Note: If you have trouble finding the "clipping mask" command (as shown in the video) in your version of Photoshop or Elements, try CMD-G or Ctrl-G.)

As promised, here's a printable sheet of Valentine cards that just have a solid heart on them. If you're crafty enough, trace out the shape of the heart as a template, cut out your photos, and glue them on! Even better, get the kids to do it.

Click here for printable sheet.

Happy Valentine's Day!


"Bee Mine" clip art by Mindy Terasawa.

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