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Weight Loss Challenge: Week One

Time To Get Active

Okay, so we are 1 week into our weight loss challenge, and I have lost a measly 2 pounds. (Tom lost 4... I’m jealous)

That said, I didn’t put a whole lot of effort in. I did drink all the water I was supposed to, but I could have made some better food choices. I did cut out the evening snack after the kids went to bed with the exception of one evening, but I didn’t make it to the gym AT ALL.

Not making excuses, but with a PA day on Monday and then a snow day on Wednesday, that screwed up my gym plans. This week I WILL go to the gym... at least once.

So, even if I were to lose only 2 pounds each week, that would be 16 pounds, and I would be totally happy with that, but I’m going to have to put a little more effort in.

Here is my plan for this week: Get active!

I will continue drinking all my water, skipping my evening snack and making better food choices, but my focus this week will be exercise. As I said, I will give that gym membership a work out, but on days when I can’t make the gym, I will do something at home, whether it’s taking the dog for a walk or using the Wii fit (which I’ve been meaning to try). 20 minutes, minimum, each day.

I hope you are still playing along. If so, let me know how you’re doing.