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The 12 (Good) Deeds of Christmas

Be Kind Revolution

If you’ll recall, in my last blog, I offered up this space to anyone who had an idea for giving back.

Thank-you for your responses.

The Kindness Revolution is in full swing now, and the #bekind messages on Twitter are so inspiring. I read them everyday morning; it’s a good way to start the day. So, I’ve decided that not only will I share your ideas for giving back, I will perform each one before Christmas. I came up with a few of my own ideas too.

I give you The Twelve (good) Deeds Of Christmas

1. Angela suggested that I take the kids the SPCA to play with the animals. I still have to call around and see which one will allow the kids to go in and play with the animals.

2. Karen and Jaime both offered up Operation Christmas Child. On November 17th, the girls and I will be going to pack shoe boxes with school supplies and small gifts to be sent to a needy child.

3.Paula gave me the idea to go caroling and ask for donations of change to be given to
a local charity. Eleanor is going to love this!

4. Kim2 had an interesting idea. She suggested that I help someone in my own
backyard, and by that she means, I find a local family in need and gather donations
for them. Then I become their own personal secret Santa... that’s right! I’m going to
make their Christmas... and they don’t even know me.

5. Lisa (and Diane) suggested volunteering at a soup kitchen, something I have always
wanted to do. I still have to look into this one and find out where I can do it.

6. You know I’m going to take part in the Cocktail Deeva’s Heeling Hunger campaign.
Hello! Shoes! Best way to give back EVER!

7. We already made a food bank donation last month, and the month before, and the
month before that... you get the idea. We will make another Christmas donation too.

8. I contacted the Halton Women’s Shelter, and I am going to go through my closet and
donate them to the women there.

9. @Foodplayground responded to my blog via Twitter and asked if the kids would like
to help mail out copies of Cupcakes For Haiti. The answer is YES!

10. On Tuesdays, my daughter is home from kindergarten and I have my friend’s
daughter with me for the day. Next Tuesday we are on Litter Patrol! We are going to
take a garbage bag to the park behind the house and clean up... and then play at
the park

11. Every year, I volunteer at a charity hockey event in my home town. It’s organized be
my father (a 2-time cancer survivor) and all proceeds go to Cancer Assistance
Services of Hallton Hills
(CASHH). This year, I am taking on some new
responsibilities including selling advertising in the program and looking for donations
for their silent auction.

12. I left this one till the end, because it’s a little more personal. You see, this year, my
childhood neighbor passed away leaving behind her husband of more than 30
years. He still lives beside my parents, and he lives on his own, so I am going to
bake him some cookies and drop them off and visit.

Join me in my quest to Be Kind. I think this list proves that you can give back without having to spend a lot of money, and if I can do all 12 of these before Christmas, you can do at least one.

YES! That is a challenge! Get out there, do something, then come back here and tell me about it.

I look forward to hearing about your good deeds.