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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The Best Part Of Christmas

The stockings are not hung by the chimney with care at our house yet, nor is the tree up. There is no holiday baking stashed in my fridge, no presents are wrapped. For that matter, I have only half of my gifts purchased, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Christmas is less than a week away.

The one thing I do have done is stocking stuffers. You know why? Because stockings are the best part of Christmas!! They hold the coolest items and are the most fun for Santa’s helper (me) to take care of.

If you are stuck on stocking stuffers the way I am stumped for the rest of my gifts, I have a few ideas for you.

I don’t just stuff stockings for my kids, I make one for my husband, and my sister and I make them for our parents. This is my favourite item that will be going in their stockings:

Yes, that is a 4ft pack of Jaffa Cakes... a little large for a stocking you say? poppycock! It’s a “stocking over-filler”.

For Tom, I found a few choice articles that will brighten his Christmas morning, like this “life-transforming breath spray”.

It promises to make you “look and feel Canadian instantly”. Considering Tom is from Denmark, I thought it might help him to fit in.

I also got him this cup to make him look badass at work:

(both purchased at FoodStuffs in Georgetown, ON)

For Eleanor, our tween, I found these great kid-friendly face masks and a lollipop shaped pumice stone at Chapters.

Also at Chapters, these awesome cookie cutters for Rebecca, she’s 6, and she loves to bake. Hello, Ninja Bread Men!! So cool.

All of the kids are getting these Crazy Erasers too. They have all different types, this one is for Rebecca, but I got skateboard ones for Ethan. I found them at Toys R Us.

I scored big for Ethan at Toys R Us too. That’s where I got this Mini Cosmos he can hang from his ceiling, finger bowling, and of course... a fart noise maker. To hear what it sounds like cup hand under arm and squeeze... yeah, I could never do that either. Maybe just stick tongue out and blow.

And finally, no stocking is complete without a Terry’s Chocolate Orange... it goes in the toe of the stocking... always... or it’s very upsetting.