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Spoiled, Yet Bored

So Many Toys, So Little Imagination

There hasn’t been a whole lot of routine at our house for the past few weeks, so I knew this morning was going to be a little hectic.

To my surprise, everyone was up on time and ready well before they needed to be. Since I am always the last to get ready, after shipping off two kids with Tom at 8:00 and making sure the other two are dressed and ready to go, I expect those last two to entertain themselves for 40 minutes while I get ready for work.

It’s not usually a problem, but I guess having me home for two weeks has them relying on me a little bit right now. So, when my 6-year-old came to me asking if we could do temporary tattoos, I told her she knew how to do it herself, and sent her on her way.

Ten minutes later, she came back looking like this:

I reminded her about our no-tattoos-on-faces rule, and was thankful it was temporary.

Not two minutes later, she returned to ask what I was doing. I explained that I understood she hadn’t had to do this routine for a couple weeks, but she needed to give me time to get ready for work.

She told me there was nothing to do.

I almost lost my mind!

If you could see how much stuff these kids got for Christmas, after Christmas at my mom’s, and Tom’s mom, and home, and their other parents, and their other grandparent’s, there is no reason she shouldn’t have something to do. 

I told her this too, and she sulked away. I found her up in her NEW bunk bed sulking under the covers, and this time I did lose my mind.

I told her that she could pack up all her new toys, her new lap top, her Ipod touch and I would send them to a child who would appreciate them.

She quickly found something to do.

How do you deal with kids who are bored?


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