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So Many Extracurriculars; So Little Time

Siobhan Meets Dance Class

Right now, with all the sports seasons overlapping, we are very busy. We have two or three activities to go to almost every night. Eleanor has swimming 4 times a week. Ethan has hockey tryouts, football and swimming. Rebecca has gymnastics, swimming and dance. And soccer season is only a couple of weeks away.

Even Siobhan (who turns 2 this weekend—2 days after Rebecca turns 7!), is taking gymnastics and swimming.

Siobhan loves going to gymnastics and swimming! I think it’s going to be hard for her to choose what sports/activities she wants to be involved in when she’s older because she seems to be interested in everything she sees.

She loves, I mean LOVES hockey, and Tom said she recently discovered the figure skaters. He ushered her away quickly in case she decided she didn’t want to play hockey (God forbid).

Getting her out the door Monday is only easy because we can say it’s her “bounce, bounce, bounce day” (gymnastics). Tom’s mom takes her to gymnastics and reports that she smiles from the moment that she walks in the door.

Tuesdays, I take her to swimming and I have to be careful not to say the word “swimming” during dinner, or she will stop eating and just yell “My fwimming!” until we leave for the pool.

One Wednesday, I made the mistake of bringing Siobhan to the dance studio with me. Rebecca went into one studio and began her class while Siobhan played with Lego. It was all going really well, until the studio door near where we were sitting opened up. Siobhan was intrigued.

As the class was leaving, she poked her head into the studio. Another class was going in, and the music came on.

When the class was about to start, I tried to drag her away, but she was having none of it! The teacher told me she had a small class that day and Siobhan and Eleanor (who was also with us) could stay and watch the class.

I don’t think she expected it to turn into this:

I’m thinking she might want to take dance lessons too. Thankfully, Eleanor will be old enough to drive herself soon because that’s a lot of activities!